The Vision

The Scene

Byron Bay is famous for its vibrant culture, nurtured by its beautiful natural setting and “alternative living” in harmony with the natural world, Permaculture was born here in the hills and its harmonic way of growing food, economies, relationship and people, is now a world wide phenomenon. A vision to focus and harness this distilled community wisdom was begun in 2006 when Starseed Gardens was sprouted on the fertile soil of on old farm overlooking Byron Bay. A nursery was set up to propagate plants for a “Garden” which would act as a botanical ark. The botanical garden will serve as the setting to showcase the amazing “alternative lifestyle” intellectual property of this area and  house the cultural facility enabling such dreams to be shared with other communities locally and abroad.

Current Development: EARTH SCHOOL – Starseed Green Educational Facility

In 2009 we obtained a development application (DA) from the Byron Shire council to open a nursery, shop and tea house: our vision had begun. We already started propagating plants to convert the farm paddocks into themed gardens and a food forest, we begun planting and ran a number of workshops related to plant wisdom ; from bamboo and hemp building to bio-char and food gardening. The natural extension was to expand our current DA to become a green botanical educational facility with ancillary accommodation, wellness centre, organic cafe and conference centre: We named this project the “Earth School”.

There is already a large amount of infrastructure (we have about 4 acres of undercover shed space) and council has indicated its intention to support the DA process currently underway. This new DA will enable creative renovations of much building space enabling the reconversion of the old farm into an educational facility and creative hub welcoming students, artists, and small business fostering the new developments in sustainability and alternative communities.