Transforming an industrial pig farm into an abundant fertile permaculture garden community and education center where post-consumerist culture meets art and beauty is not an easy task! But this is our ambition and for that we need your help… or maybe you need ours? If this is where you aim then we are going in the same direction. Maybe we could go for a ride together?

Starseed continually evolves and works to reflect growing trends in environmental consciousness, botanical stewardship, creative DIY and eco-friendly alternatives to build a responsible community. We gather seeds and tools, seek objects of beauty, foods & medicines that are super and sublime for all to share!


If your project is consistent with: (but not only)

  • Reusing existing buildings and restoring habitat to accommodate creative people,
  • Utilising cutting edge design and recycled materials to create energy-efficient, carbon storing or organic architectural buildings,
  • Growing rich cultural facilities into beautifully landscaped gardens for food, fiber, medicinal or fuel use,
  • Engineering environmentally-friendly cosmetics and green  products,
  • Conceptualising, developing and testing alternative exchange systems on a small scale,
  • Producing multimedia material serving food autonomy, localisation of economy and cultural development

In brief, if you are looking for an inspiring place to host a sustainable business that aims to organise it’s economical activity around the principles of healthy lifestyle, permaculture, environmental preservation, responsible technologies and renewable energies in a vibrant and inspiring community: Starseed is a place to consider.

Unlike many project assistance programs, Starseed incubators do not serve any and all projects. Entrepreneurs who wish to enter the Starseed incubation program must apply for admission. Acceptance criteria depends upon its alignment with the long term Starseed Vision, please refer to the appropriate section of the website.

Starseed incubates various community projects, start-up businesses, workshops and events which collaborate to a common long term vision and interact through the interplay of alternative business models.
The current building blocks of Starseed Gardens include a vast network of gardens, a nursery, 4 distinct Venues, a Food Forest, a Media Lab, the Engine Room along with a traditional Tea House and a Micro Farm ; all collaborating in developing proactive interaction with the local community.

Want to Join?

Starseed is a bit more than a project incubator… We welcome anyone who is dedicated to challenge the status quo models and collaborate with, or join, our creative team of gardeners, designers, builders and media producers.

Submit your project?

StarSeed Gardens provide a safe and abundant space where volunteers and residents are encouraged to demonstrate their skills, and visions for a regenerative future:

  • Bio Habitat & Eco Village design
  • Myco remediation, permaculture & bio-technologies
  • Post consumerist revalorisation, Fab Lab, DIY & Creative Crafting
  • Responsible Design, Multimedia production & Open source technologies
  • Music, Art & Alternative culture

Depending on your aspirations and their alignment with the Starseed long term vision, your project can be granted a space for its development, please contact us for more details: