Starseed Gardens Foundation is a not-for-profit & non-governmental organisation. The Foundation is the home of plant-human culture and relationships through the creation of a botanical-type food forest and plant-related well-being, arts and music centre at the heart of Byron Bay. Food, shelter, fibre, fuel, Medicine, quality teas, Wisdom and Beauty are some of the gifts and qualities that this relationship nurtures. These gardens and cultural facilities will nourish and reflect the spirit of creative innovation, diversity and individualism characteristic of the Byron Shire community.
A development project, a hub and a community aiming to reconciliate land and civilisation: regenerate an abandoned industrial pig farm into abundant fertile gardens where nutrient rich food and post consumerist culture meets art and beauty.
The ‘volunteers’ who work at Starseed are those natural men and women who are committed to the purpose of the Foundation, who wish to offer their services for those purposes, as well as co-create synergy between the Foundation’s Purpose and their own Vision/business plans, as they align with the Foundation.
Starseed is a member only club. Only those who are member of the foundation and have agreed to the terms and conditions regulating the circulation of people on the property have access to Starseed’s venues and gardens. For more information, please read the “Starseed’s Member Policy”.
To get inspired, out of the daily routine and comfort zones. To challenge beliefs and preconceived ideas and share timeless moment in a natural setting where people although conscious of the what is happening outside work a little different inside!
Starseed is a development program that has many services and opportunity to offer:
The Lotus Tea House is open every weekend to serve food and teas and offer cultural events or inspirational talks.
The public are welcome from 10am to 5pm every Saturday and Sunday.
Yes, we have a multitude of venues and covered space that can accommodate a wide variety of needs including public events, workshops, classes and more.
Please contact us to let us know we can best serve your needs.

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If you request information about the Lotus Tea House please contact Alice: alice@starseedgardens.com
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If you have questions about the website please contact Flore:
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